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Do You Have Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome? How Acupuncture Can Help

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If you’ve just finished the recommended course of antibiotics for Lyme disease, but are still experiencing symptoms, you may have post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome. This syndrome usually occurs in people who received treatment much later than they should’ve since they didn’t realize they were bitten by a tick. Read on to see why this syndrome can be so hard to treat and how acupuncture treatment could help your case: Why Is Lyme Bacteria So Hard to Kill? Read More»

Three Ideal Times To Book A Hot Stone Massage

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If you’re visiting your local massage therapy clinic and browsing through the offered services as you wait for your appointment, you might notice hot stone massage. It’s hard not to be intrigued by this type of massage, especially if you see an image of a person lying on the massage table with smooth, black stones placed along his or her body. This type of massage is highly relaxing and can thus be appealing for people in a variety of different situations. Read More»