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Three Ideal Times To Book A Hot Stone Massage

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If you're visiting your local massage therapy clinic and browsing through the offered services as you wait for your appointment, you might notice hot stone massage. It's hard not to be intrigued by this type of massage, especially if you see an image of a person lying on the massage table with smooth, black stones placed along his or her body. This type of massage is highly relaxing and can thus be appealing for people in a variety of different situations. Here are some times that it's ideal to book a hot stone massage:

During The Winter

Many people love the idea of booking a hot stone massage during the winter months. Although massage therapists endeavor to keep their clinics toasty warm at this time of the year, getting undressed before you get onto the table can give you a chill that is hard to shake through the appointment. This is especially true if you're someone who is often cold, even when he or she wears warm clothing. A hot stone massage is effective at warming your body up considerably. The warmth of the stones transfers heat to many parts of your body, including your feet, back, hands and neck, which can make you feel warm and comfortable throughout the session.

When You're Stressed

Heat can often be comforting when you're feeling stressed, which is why cuddling up under a warm blanket or sipping a hot cup of tea or even water can be palatable when stress is bothering you. Any type of massage can be beneficial for stress — the relaxing nature of this treatment can help you to forget about what's bothering you, as well as ease the physical symptoms of your stress. However, you'll likely find that booking a hot stone massage during a period of high stress can help the stress to melt away with help from the cozy, warm stones.

During Your Period

When you have your period, you may have a number of unpleasant symptoms. This list can include feeling physically chilly, as well as being in pain because of intense cramps. During this time, you may wish to book a hot stone massage with your local massage therapist. The warmth will feel satisfying; regardless of the season, you'll likely appreciate the transfer of the heat from the stones as they rest on your skin. Additionally, when you're warmer, you may feel less tension in your body — and this will ideally help you to relax.

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