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Improve Your Performance With Sports Massage

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Whether you are an elite marathon runner, or you enjoy playing sports on the weekend, sports massage is an effective way to improve your overall performance. By targeting muscles, ligaments and tendons that are overused during your sport of choice, a massage therapist will keep you moving towards your goals. Massage Enhances Muscle Repair After you workout, your muscles need to recuperate. Delayed muscle soreness generally sets in after a strenuous exercise routine, or after trying out a new type of exercise. Read More»

Ashiatsu Massage: Gives "Foot Massage" A Whole New Meaning

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Most people have heard about shiatsu massage, the Japanese massage therapy that involves pressure applied with the thumbs in circular motions and long strokes. However, significantly fewer people in the Western world have heard of ashiatsu. Ashiatsu requires that a fully trained therapist walk on your back, using his or her toes in very slow strokes. The full weight of the therapist’s body never rests on your back, but the pressure applied is much deeper than any other type of massage. Read More»