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Improve Your Performance With Sports Massage

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Whether you are an elite marathon runner, or you enjoy playing sports on the weekend, sports massage is an effective way to improve your overall performance. By targeting muscles, ligaments and tendons that are overused during your sport of choice, a massage therapist will keep you moving towards your goals.

Massage Enhances Muscle Repair

After you workout, your muscles need to recuperate. Delayed muscle soreness generally sets in after a strenuous exercise routine, or after trying out a new type of exercise. Delayed muscle soreness is normal, and it is required to build stronger muscles and more stamina. Getting a sports massage targets these muscles and improves circulation in the area. The increase in blood flow allows nutrients and oxygen to get to your muscles, helping them heal more quickly.

Improve Flexibility with Massage

If you exercise regularly, you are building up stamina and keeping your body supple. Part of a good exercise routine involves stretching to maintain or improve your flexibility. Massage provides you additional support when you are trying to get more flexible. Massage stimulates your body to produce natural lubricants, a necessary process to maintain a high level of mobility. Getting a sports massage after a workout will help you relax and prepare for your next workout.

Your Stamina Will Increase with Targeted Sports Massage

Increasing your stamina and endurance are an integral part of improving your performance. With massage, you are able to workout for longer periods of time. This increases your stamina and gets your heart rate up. Regular sports massage improves circulation, removes toxins from your body, and gives you more energy. The increase in energy provides you with the ability to exercise for longer periods of time.

Sports Massage Helps You Avoid Injuries

When you get a massage, your body is relaxed. Lactic acid is not allowed to build up in your muscles, which decreases your overall pain. You remove toxins, and you give your body what it needs to heal after a good workout. When you are flexible, relaxed, and your muscles have time to recover from exercise, you are more likely to avoid injuries. Specifically, repetitive strain injuries are often sustained because the person exercising does not take the time to recover, doesn't stretch out, and overuses their muscles with wild abandon. When you want to avoid injuries and stay exercising, a good sports massage, from a place like Oriental Massage, will keep you on your feet.