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Couples Massage Options

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Massages induce relaxation and soothe sore muscles. They can also bring two people closer together. A couples massage is a therapeutic session that two people who are dating or married to one another may enjoy.

A Couples Massage At A Spa

A couples massage usually involves two spa tables being lined up side-by-side. A masseur or masseuse will tend to each person who is lying on one of the tables. A spa that offers a couples massage service may be fairly standard in its design setup. A basic spa will contain tables, lighting, and other standard spa features. A more deluxe spa that caters to couples may feature spa tables, dim lighting, a jacuzzi, and a changing area. Guests may also be supplied with the opportunity to take a shower, both before and after they receive a massage.

A spa package that is designed for couples may feature complementary beverages and snacks. Sparkling cider and strawberries that have been dipped in chocolate are some complementary items that customers may receive. During a couples massage, both parties will be able to communicate with one another. They can keep their eyes closed if they wish and focus on the movement of the masseur or masseuse's hands.

A couples massage can help two people reconnect with one another. A husband and wife, for instance, may discover that the massage techniques are very soothing. They may focus on them and learn how to perform these same hand movements on one another in the privacy of their home.

An Offsite Massage Service

Some massage parlors or spas offer off-site services. A traveling couple, a business executive, or someone who has been experiencing debilitating muscle pain may seek an offsite service. If a couple is staying at a hotel and would like to indulge in a pampering session, they may decide to seek a couples massage. In this type of scenario, a massage team will come to them.

A masseur or masseuse will be assigned to each person. Portable massage tables will be set up inside a hotel room. A couple can induce a romantic mood, by lighting candles or dimming the lighting within their room. They can also play soft music. A massage team will bring oil, lotions, and other essentials with them. After a couple receives a massage, they may wish to continue their romantic evening. They may prepare a decadent bubble bath to enjoy or may decide to cozy up by each other on their hotel room's couch.