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Deep Tissue Massages Offer More Benefits Than You Think

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Deep tissue massage is one of the most common types of massage styles used by professionals. Many people are used to Swedish massages, which are softer in terms of pressure and related to relieving stress.

If you have experienced an injury or you feel intense pain deep in your muscles, now is a good time to consider a deep tissue massage. These are some of the ways deep tissue massages may be beneficial.

Deep Tissue Massage Improves Joint Mobility

If you have been feeling stiff in your joints, a deep tissue massage may be the key to feeling better. Massages work with the tendons of the joints to ensure that nothing is preventing fluid motion. Deep tissue penetrates below the surface of the joint to feel for anything that might be inflamed below the surface.

Deep Tissue Massage Breaks Down Tough Scar Tissue

Scar tissue can become a more impediment to movement, and it can become so tough that it prevents you from having complete control of your body. Scar tissue can build up and cause you to become inflexible and immobile. Deep tissue massage gets deeper into the scar tissue to break it down. This means deep tissue massage can help with inflamed myofascial tissue.

Deep Tissue Massage Relieves Symptoms of Arthritis

Arthritis is a serious condition that many people discount because it is so common. The truth is that arthritis can be painful, but deep tissue massages performed by a careful professional can reduce some of the painful symptoms and allow you to move freely.

Keep in mind that arthritis is not the only chronic condition that can be treated with deep tissue massage. A variety of other chronic pain conditions can be treated with a massage.

Deep Tissue Massage Can Be Used Several Times a Week

Are you having an especially difficult week? You can use deep tissue massage several times a week, so long as your massage therapist says it is safe to do so. Whether you are suffering from inflammation due to a sports injury or you are under a lot of stress leading up to a major presentation, deep tissue massage can be helpful

Schedule a Deep Tissue Massage

Massage therapists do their best to provide excellent massage therapy. Deep tissue massage helps you recover after an injury and manage pain. You will feel better after even a single session, though you will certainly want to come back for another.

For more information, contact a 24/7 massage service in your area.