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Massage Can Be Good for Your Skin

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When people go for a massage, they often do so in order to relieve stress or benefit their muscles in some way. Indeed, massage can be wonderful for easing soreness and mental tension. But did you know that massage therapy is also good for the skin? Here's a look at how massage benefits the skin and the cases in which you may want to use it as a therapy for your skin.

How does massage help the skin?

Massage helps improve skin health in a couple of different ways.

1. It increases blood flow to the skin. 

The physical movement of your massage therapist's hands over your skin, combined with the warmth of their hands, can help open up the smaller blood vessels that serve your skin. All of that fresh blood brings along with it nutrients and oxygen, which can rejuvenate and heal the skin.

2. It moisturizes the skin.

Massage therapists generally use oils that are good for skin health. Rather than just rubbing them on gently like you would a moisturizer, they spend the duration of the massage rubbing them in. This can result in deeper moisturizing.

3. It helps encourage collagen production.

A protein in skin called collagen helps give the skin its firmness and texture. Collagen can become depleted as you age. But the pressure of a massage can help stimulate your skin to produce more collagen again.

When should you get a massage for your skin?

Anyone who wants healthier skin should consider getting massages from time to time. However, massages are particularly helpful for anyone with dry skin. Both the moisturizing benefits of the oil, plus the increased blood flow, will help keep the skin more supple and moist for days or weeks post-massage.

You may also want a massage for the anti-aging benefits. If you are seeing a lot of wrinkles and fine lines, or if your skin has started to look a big saggy, you may find that it firms up with regular massages. Some patients are able to avoid using wrinkle creams or getting injections if they instead have massages on a regular basis. This is all due to the collagen your skin produces after a massage.

Get a massage for your mental health or for your physical health. Either way, your skin will also benefit from this therapy. Look for a massage therapist near you, and make an appointment soon.     

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