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4 Steps For Prospective Massage Therapists

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Massage is an alternative therapy that can alleviate pain and bring about a greater state of relaxation. If you enjoy working with your hands and would like to help people live their best lives, you might enjoy a career as a massage therapist. Here are four steps any prospective massage therapist should take:

1. Offer your loved ones massages.

If you think you'd like to make a living as a massage therapist, you should take steps to find out if you enjoy the work before diving into it wholeheartedly. You can try your hand at giving massages before you officially enroll in any type of massage therapy program. Start by offering your friends and loved ones massages. While you might not know any official techniques yet, giving a friend or family member a back or foot massage can help relieve their stress. You'll also get to find out if you're comfortable touching another person's body in this manner.

2. Find massage therapy programs in your area.

In order to legally practice therapeutic massage by trade, you will need to become a licensed massage therapist. A massage therapy program will teach you about the human body, and these anatomy lessons will allow you to treat your future clients safely and effectively. These programs vary in length, depending on the intensity and number of classes you take each week. Most massage therapy programs can be completed in less than a year. Find a massage therapy program in your area. Look for one that will allow you to learn and participate at a pace that's convenient for you.

3. Complete your massage therapy program.

There are two components to massage therapy programs: theoretical and practical knowledge. The theoretical knowledge you will gain is highly important for the safety and well-being of your future patients. You'll not only learn about anatomy, but you'll also learn about the business of massage. You will learn how to drape your clients for maximum privacy and propriety. You'll also gain hands-on knowledge in the classroom. You will practice the techniques you learn on your fellow students and teachers, and, finally, you'll have the opportunity to practice your craft on volunteers.

4. Take the Massage and Bodywork License Examination.

After you complete your massage therapy program, you'll be given a certificate that speaks to your completion. However, you will still need to take the appropriate exam to receive your license. The Massage and Bodywork License Examination will allow you to practice therapeutic massage throughout the United States. However, some states have their own individual requirements, so you should do your research before officially accepting a position as a massage therapist.