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Unable To Move In The Morning? Stimulate Your Muscles

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If your legs feel so stiff that it takes several minutes to rise from bed, stimulate your muscles. The stiffness in your legs could be a result of many things, including muscle tension and stress. Soft tissue injuries like sprains can also make your limbs feel stiff. If you don't have any injuries in your legs, you can try the tips below to see if they relieve the stiffness you feel. 

Stretch Gently Before You Get Up

Your muscles can become stiff if you lift weights during the week. Muscle stiffness may also occur in people who lift strenuous objects, stoop, or stand on their feet all day. The activities can knot up the muscles in your feet, calves, and ankles. If your muscles stay contracted for long periods of time, they can become spasmodic, painful, and even rigid

Try stretching your legs and rolling your feet and ankles in the morning to ease your stiffness. The gentle movements may improve the circulation in your limbs, which can help relax your muscles. You can complete the exercises for as long as you feel comfortable doing so. If you encounter pain during your exercises, stop and consult a physician right away.

If you don't experience pain or any positive results from the exercises, consider the helpful option below.

Try Massaging the Stiffness Away

The next option you might try to ease your stiff legs is massage. Massage does many things for you, including:

  • relieves tension in your ligaments, joints, and tendons
  • increases blood circulation through your tired limbs
  • activates or stimulates your immune system

Muscle can become rigid and painful from inflammation and infection. If your immune system is compromised, it may slow down your body's healing power. Massage may help activate or stimulate the cells and hormones in your immune system that fight body aches and pains.

You can experience the helpful benefits of massage by contacting a therapist in your area. A massage therapist may ask you about your general health before they administer any type of massage therapy to you. If you have any types of injuries or illnesses in your limbs, tell a therapist immediately. 

If your health is clear, a therapist will evaluate your situation and provide the care you need. You may notice good results right away, or it may take some time before you feel better. 

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