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3 Ways a Foot Spa Can Relieve Stress and Help You Relax

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After having a long and difficult day, book an appointment with a foot spa in order to relieve stress and tension in your body and relax. A foot spa can do wonders for your mental and physical health. There are plenty of services offered that are designed specifically to help you unwind. In fact, here are three ways most foot spas go about helping you achieve peace of mind and a relaxed body. 

Warm Water Therapy Fights Aches, Stiffness and Fatigue

You'd be surprised at the wonders that simply submerging your feet in a tub of warm water can do. Also known as warm water therapy, soaking your feet in water can help relieve tension and stress. It reduces the pressure that is placed on your joints, so that you feel more relaxed and less stiff. The foot spa should soak your feet in warm water for approximately 20 minutes in order for you to enjoy the maximum benefits that warm water therapy can offer. During this time, you can either be left alone to relax and think or the spa might recommend getting a head massage or a neck massage in the meantime.

Foot Massage Targets Pressure Points to Relieve Tension

A foot spa can also help you relax by giving you a foot massage that specifically targets specific pressure points on the sole of your feet. Different pressure points not only eliminate stress and tension in the body to help you relax, but they can also be targeted to treat muscle pain. For example, pressure points in the arches of your feet are used to treat lower back pain. The massage therapist will know which pressure points to target based on which parts of your body are acting up, are tense, or are in pain.

Aromatherapy Sets the Mood and Makes You Smell Amazing

While soaking your feet in warm water or when getting a foot massage, most foot spas also take this opportunity to use scented essential oils. Aromatherapy is also a great way to set an environment and to help you relax. You'll also smell amazing afterwards. If there are any specific fragrances that you are sensitive to or dislike, let the foot spa know ahead of time. This will allow them to cater the experience to your preferences and tastes.

On top of all that, most foot spas will also exfoliate your feet, making them smooth and rejuvenated.

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Although you don't often get to take a look at your feet, spending some time pampering this part of your body can do wonders in helping you relax. After all, your feet are constantly working and on the job. They barely ever get a chance to rest.