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What Type Of Massage Is Right For You—Cupping, Deep Tissue, or Yoga?

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If you're looking to relax and get a massage, then it is helpful to understand something about the different types of massage therapy. Some types of massage are better suited for different people. So, before you make an appointment, read the descriptions to see which one is best for your own needs.

Cupping Therapy

While this is not strictly massage, it is often grouped in with massage, so you should be aware of it. It is accomplished by creating suction on the skin using "cups" made of glass, bamboo or other materials. Often times a flammable liquid such as alcohol will be set aflame inside the cup, then extinguished. The hot cup is then placed onto the skin and the heat creates a suction which "sucks" the skin up. The idea is that this suction creates an increase of blood flow to the skin.

There are wet and dry forms of cupping. Wet cupping involves making tiny little cuts are made in the skin. The idea here is that the toxins in the blood are removed. If you're not cool with getting the tiny cuts, you can certainly go with regular dry cupping.

This is good if you're feeling lethargic or have other maladies that are not specifically related to sore muscles. If you're into alternative therapies such as acupuncture and aromatherapy then you might like this.

Deep Tissue Massage

While some massage is relaxing, don't count deep tissue as one to set your mind at ease. What it will do is work out the knots and kinks that are causing you pain. It's not a tranquil way to spend an hour, but you will get positive results that will make you feel better in subsequent days. If you're someone who has a physical job, or you work out at the gym a lot, then you might have serious knots and kinks that are causing you soreness, tightness, and discomfort. A deep tissue masseuse will know how to knead deep into the muscle and work out these knots and kinks so that you feel better.

Thai Yoga Massage

A nice, relaxing form of massage that you might enjoy is Thai yoga massage. This form of massage utilizes different yoga poses. During the massage, the masseuse will help stretch you out and pose you into different yoga positions. The concept behind posing the body is that there are areas on the body with special energy (called sen) and by moving and pressing these you can improve the person's well being. It's similar to the concept of meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It's a relaxing massage, but it will also help stretch you out. If you're someone who already enjoys yoga, then this is a perfect type of massage to get.

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