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Lymphatic Massage Might Reduce Swelling And Discomfort By Stimulating The Flow Of Lymph Fluid

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You’re familiar with your body’s blood circulation system, but you may not know much about lymph circulation. Your first experience may be when you have swelling due to an injury, medical condition, or after surgery. Here’s a look at how the lymphatic system works and how lymphatic massage can help when your lymph system is sluggish. The Purpose Of Your Lymphatic System Your lymphatic system moves lymph fluid through all parts of your body much like your circulatory system moves blood through all your organs and tissues. Read More»

3 Reasons To Book A Couples Massage

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When it comes to doing things together as a couple, many couple’s activities are centered around doing something active, like going to a game or going bowling or going out to dinner. Couple’s activities are not often focused on relaxing and bonding with one another. However, couples massage is.  Reason #1: Connect With One Another Although you will be lying on different massage tables, you will be in the same room undergoing the same experience together. Read More»